FORMULA4 FEET Case Studies

Case 1

This 23 year old Thoroughbred has had “bad feet” since he began training as a 2 year old. His horn quality was so poor that he only went to the races once and finished tailed off. He was then expelled as unfit for training, and for the next 8 years was used as a hack. He couldn’t
even cope with that, as his time in training had left the pedal bones of both his front feet with peripheral demineralization, called pedal osteitis. He then suffered an extensive horn infection which required a large area of both front hoof capsules to be resected.Thereafter, he has remained fairly sound with careful, regular farriery attention. However, his hooves were never strong and his feet have always had a tendency to splay or flare over his shoes. His heels remained collapsed, despite being fed the then-leading hoof supplement every day
for 13 years. This product was replaced by Formula4Feet in 2004; no other management or feeding changes were made. After only two months of receiving Formula4 Feet, the farrier commented, “What have you done to this horse’s feet, they are much stronger to nail to and more “uptogether”. Farriers
are not always easy to convince of the benefits of hoof supplements. Sam’s farrier made his complimentary remarks unaware of the recent change to Formula4 Feet. Now Sam didn’t know Formula4 Feet was developed by the Director of the Laminitis Clinic and Dr. David Frape, the father of equine nutrition. Nor that it is made from entirely non-GM ingredients, nor that it was extensively researched at the University of Berlin (a world renowned keratin research institute), nor that every batch is tested by the world’s leading equine forensic laboratory before being offered for sale, nor that it contains unique ingredients which help protect him against insulin resistance. He wasn’t aware that it is the only product with four specific, powerful antioxidants, nutrients which help promote vasodilation and others having anti-inflammatory properties. All he knew was that it tasted a lot better
than what was put in his feed previously. In fact, Sam is so keen on Formula4 Feet that he will eat it from the hand. He also realizes that when his farrier comes to visit him every 5 weeks, he can now, for the first time in his life, stay sound without shoes (he has been unshod for a year). Sam is now a happier horse, as his feet no longer hurt and his coat is always shiny. He is fed no cereals, only feeds
recommended by the Laminitis Trust, which he loves.

A large area of hoof wall had to be removed in order to overcome an extensive horn infection

After nine months of receiving Formula4 Feet his feet are much stronger and the heels no longer collapse.

After fifteen months of receiving Formula4 Feet his feet are now so much stronger that he can go without shoes and will walk soundly over the roughest of stony ground.


Case 2

CletusJune 29, 2006:
My true blue 12 year old gelding Cletus, who I have had since he was a 4 month old, showed up to me dead lame and in major pain with heat when I went to let him out to his pasture. He also pulled his right front shoe. I promptly started him on 2 grams of Bute followed by one gram for 2 weeks.

June 30, 2006:
The farrier shod him with clips.

July 7, 2006:
He lost his right front shoe again and the farrier came back up to re-shoe.This time the damage was more extensive. He had to rebuild the foot and glue a shoe on.The integrity of the foot was shot, brittle and shaley.

August 3, 2006:
Cletus: August 2006The glue on shoe came off.This time the farrier said, no more. He suspected the horse had foundered. He could not afford the time to keep returning and adding a glue on shoe and to keep rebuilding the foot. He suggested to pasture Cletus for at least a year with no shoes and add a supplement to his diet. Also he suggested X-raying his feet to confirm, if he in fact, had foundered. So my farrier suggested a supplement that is most popular here in the States. He said that it was backed by research and was the one he recommended to all his clients in my situation. My vet agreed. I took the next two weeks researching his suggestion plus other supplements including Formula4 Feet. I was told by many well-intentioned people to add gelatin to his feed. For anyone who does not know gelatin is made in part from hooves, bones, and tendons. I fail to see how a herbivore can breakdown meat to actually benefit them. Not to mention how they can digest and get rid of it properly. Nope,my gelding was getting something he could breakdown and utilize to his benefit. Formula4 Feet popped up in my Google search. I went to the website and was floored at the wealth of information and the product itself. I compared my findings of Formula4 Feet to the supplement suggested by my farrier and other top choices.

August 8, 2006:
My vet X-rayed Cletus and confirmed he rotated, but did not founder. He agreed with the farrier on the supplement of choice. He or my farrier had not heard of Formula4 Feet and were not very supportive of the supplement. I chose to go against their suggestion. Imagine, I was going against the suggestion of 2 top professionals in my area.The feeling was a sinking in the pit of my stomach, but my gut said Formula4 Feet was the correct choice. Reasons why I chose Formula4 Feet: (1) It is approved by the Vegetarian Society.This means my horse can digest the supplement to the fullest and his feet will actually benefit the most they can get. (2) The ingredients out weighed other products. (3) Robert Eustace is world renowned (including by my farrier who has read his articles) for his expertise and the Laminitis Clinic. (4)The website is very educational. (5) Formula4 Feet is a non-GM supplement and drug free.

August 10, 2006:
I started feeding Formula4 Feet. Cletus still showing pain/heat and back on bute. In fact, I had him on it for 15 days in August.

September 10, 2006:
Cletus: Dec. 2006The farrier came up for trimming and to shoe my mare Rosey who came back to the farm.The farrier noticed Cletus’s foot is more supple and healthier looking. His coat is more shiny than ever. He won’t support Formula4 Feet, but said whatever I did is working. On bute 9 days.

October,November and December:
No bute. Normal farrier visits. December: The winter coats of my horses are in full. Cletus’s coat is still shiny (his first ever.) Usually it is heavy, but dull. Rosey’s coat is dull too.I started her on Formula4 Feet.

December 19, 2006:
Farrier visit.We discussed previously that we would try Cletus on glue-on shoes with caulks. He was in the barn for about 1/2 hour before I could join him. He had Cletus on the cross ties Cletus Mayand on his right foot shoeing him. I was floored and speechless. He said Cletus grew such a healthy strong foot that taking a nail was no problem. I was in total shock! My next question was can I ride him? My farrier said, ‘go ahead’. So for Christmas Eve, I got the best Christmas present I could ever want. Cletus and I went for a quiet ride down my road.The farrier also noticed Rosey’s feet grew quickly, since the last shoeing. I have learned 3 things: (1) My true blue gelding is still true blue. We had an amazing and awesome ride! (2) Any horse that takes residency at my barn will be fed Formula4 Feet. (3) Go with your gut instinct. Logically it felt wrong to go against 2 professionals, but I knew my decision was right. Thank you to Robert Eustace, you gave me my horse back.

Lori F, New York


Case 3

Hettie was admitted to the Laminitis Clinic in a sorry state. She was very sore on her right fore. Her owner, Sue, was very upset and worried, she had been told that Hettie might have to be put down; not an unreasonable prognosis as she was starting to shed her hoof.
Hettie had not only foundered downwards but also sideways.
The top of the inside wall of her right fore was pressing deeply into the skin above her coronary band, to such an extent that it was cutting off the blood supply to the underlying tissues.We removed the constricting top of hoof wall to allow the blood supply to re-establish and nourish the damaged skin, coronary band and laminae. The wall below the lesion was removed to prevent any upward pressure on the damaged tissues and TLC Frog Supports were fitted to both front feet to reduce the strain on the laminae and improve her comfort.
When tissue has been killed it cannot grow straight back as skin and hoof, it has to regenerate by forming an intermediate tissue, granulation tissue, which is what you can see in the pictures on the right. The whitish areas are where new horn is forming as islands within the granulation tissue. These islands of new horn enlarge and coalesce.
The foot was reguarly tubbed to keep the regenerating tissue clean.
The horny tissue is gradually replacing the granulation tissue.
Hettie was fed Laminitis Trust Approved Feeds supplemented with Formula4 Feet. With careful nursing she began to heal. At the Laminitis Clinic we tend to see the most severe cases. When horses’ lives are at stake we only use products which consistently give us the best results; TLC Frog Supports and Formula4 Feet.
Hettie is now sound and Sue is starting to have fun riding her around Lancashire.

16th December 2008 by email

Hello All
Just to let you know our great news. My granddaughter has started doing dressage this year on Hettie and she qualified for the prelim North west Prestige championships on 29th November then qualified for the supreme championship on 30th November and to our surprise and delight she won it.
Hettie has come on in leaps and bounds since her terrible experience with Laminitis.
But only for your dedication to dealing with Laminitis I would not be sending this email today. I will be forever grateful for giving Hettie her life back.
Look out for the post I have sent you a photo of the occasion and hope you will be as proud of Hettie as we are.

Now, if Formula4 Feet can help Hettie get back from the mess she was in, imagine what it can do if your horse just has a few hoof cracks, poor horn quality, collapsed heels or can’t hold shoes for six weeks.

Not only is Formula4 Feet the best hoof supplement available but it also provides over 65 micronutrients making it the most comprehensive supplement and feed balancer.


Case 4


Right fore hoof before

Right hind hoof before

This 9 years old Thoroughbred gelding had received no supplementation prior to receiving Formula4 Feet. In fact he lived out all year with no other hard feed, just hay in the winter. He is also a wobbler (cervical malalignment syndrome), which, because of a hereditary problem in his neck vertebrae, makes him unsteady on his hind legs. In fact he was so uncoordinated that he needed to be given a tranquillizer before the farrier could trim his hind feet. The "before" pictures were taken in late March 2004, prior to supplementation with Formula4 Feet.

During this summer he has continued to live out with no other feed but limited grazing and Formula4 Feet which he eats from the hand.

Right hind foot after
Right fore foot after

These photographs were taken 5 months after starting on Formula4 Feet. The hoof capsule is much stronger, the red arrow head indicates the extent of the new horn growth down from the coronary band. The red circle show how the old quarter crack, which was so evident in the previous picture, had healed over leaving only the slightest of deformations in the hoof wall.

A similar improvement to the shape and strength of the hoof capsule is evident in the right fore hoof, after 5 months of supplementation with Formula4 Feet.


A similar improvement to the shape and strength of the hoof capsule is evident in the right fore hoof, after 5 months of supplementation with Formula4 Feet.

The horse has gained weight, has a lovely shiny coat and strong hooves. Interestingly, he now can also stand to have his hind feet dressed, without the need for a sedative!

Case 5

Jumping Back to Victory
case study photo
case study photo

Robert Smith is pleased to be officially endorsing Formula4 Feet following some months trialling the feed supplement from Equi Life Ltd on several of his top horses including Mr Springfield, Kalusha and Ronaldo.

Formula4 Feet provides unique benefits for horses with poor hoof horn quality, cracked hooves, weak heels and those at risk of Laminitis. It is the first new generation non-GM hoof supplement to be made anywhere in the world. It has been developed by Robert Eustace FRCVS, Director of the Laminitis Clinic in collaboration with Dr David Frape, a leading equine nutritionist.

Following a period of rest due to injury, Mr Springfield made an impressive comeback at Olympia. The 15 year old gelding, who is owned by Jimmy McCloskey, looked in top form again, having lost none of that famous 'Mr Springfield sparkle' which gained him such notoriety when he finished 4th with Robert on board in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

Mr Springfield had been back home to Ireland to Jimmy McCloskey during his recuperation and it was there where he first came to try Formula4 Feet.

"We first discovered Formula4 Feet after an extensive search on the internet to find a cure or treatment for a recurring abscess," explains Jimmy McCloskey. "Robert had given his old mount "Vanessa" to my wife Bridie to retire on her family farm. The first year we had her we had a lot of trouble with an abscess in her front feet, not to mention huge vet bills. We thought we had tried everything when Bridie found the Equi Life website and ordered a few months supply. It has made an incredible difference to "Vanessa". Three years on at the grand old age of 31 she is still on it and enjoying her retirement.

"So when Mr Springfield came home to us to rest after his injury and treatment he had very slow heel growth on the hoof so we tried him on Formula4 Feet also. It was not long before the blacksmith began to notice a huge difference in his feet. His initial suspensory problem stemmed from the fact he always had very poor heel growth. With Formula4 Feet he appeared sound and the wear on his shoes became even for the first time in his career. He is now back with Robert Smith and he is continuing to use it on him as well as several of his other top horses. We have also had fantastic results with our other horses. We recommended the product to other horse owners who had not heard of it and the feedback was all positive. Mr Springfield deserves the best and with Formula4 Feet we feel he's getting the best," says Jimmy McCloskey.

Robert Smith says "We are extremely pleased with Formula4 Feet and what it has achieved to date for Mr Springfield in terms of healthy hoof growth. We had previously been using another product from a different manufacturer but switched to Formula4 Feet when we heard how effective the supplement is. It is early days for Kalusha and Ronaldo as they have only been on it for a couple of weeks but we are confident that once more, the results are going to be beneficial in terms of maintaining healthy hoof condition. It goes without saying that I need all my competition horses in tip-top physical condition as they are competing with the very best in the world."

Case 6

formula 4 feetThis 30 years old pony has suffered from a mysterious skin condition for the last 11 years. Despite intensive veterinary help, including blood samples, tissue biopsies, hair and horn examinations the condition has been diagnosed as atopy of unknown origin. His coat was dry and pale in colour and sparse with areas around the head.

formula 4 feetThe skin over his neck and trunk was thickened and corrugated with raised papules and lumps. His tail growth was very poor, leaving him with little to swat the summer flies. For the last four years his coat would shed in the early Spring, with little re-growth leaving him nearly bald!

formula 4 feetHe had been treated with all manner of antibiotic, antifungal and similar preparations to little effect. His owner had supplemented his diet with a leading American hoof and skin supplement at the full dose for years and subsequently a variety of herbal preparations, again, none of which provided any significant improvement. The pictures above were taken while he was receiving the supplements.

formula 4 feetSince receiving Formula4 Feet his coat has shown a dramatic change. The colour has altered from being a dry light colour to a much richer chestnut colour. He has grown 12 inches of tail hair and his hair loss and papule development on his neck and trunk are much improved, though not yet perfect. The skin is no longer thickened and corrugated. AND this is the first Spring he hasn't been left bald when he changed his coat.

formula 4 feetAdditionally, his farrier has remarked how much stronger his hoof horn is for an elderly pony and that he shows far fewer dark marks and cracks around his nail holes.


formula 4 feet

formula 4 feetHis owner commented; "Of all the supplements I have tried over the last 23 years, Formula4 Feet has resulted in the most improvement in my pony's skin, tail and hooves. I have never seen him looking better."